Category: Prophecy

Two Curious End-times Trends

Two trends are building relating to the end times, one from a decade ago, the other more recent. After the recent tsunami, it took less than a few hours for **someone to blame their favorite all-purpose…

3 Reasons why the US isn't in Prophecy

People wonder why the United States doesn’t play a role in end-times prophecy as it is the richest, most powerful entity ever existing. How can it not play a pivotal role in end times? Three simple reasons.

The Future of the United States

How is the United States doing? Are people becoming more religious or less?

The End is Near!

Is Jesus' return near? Or can we know?

The Most Dangerous Gospel

We frequently hear of maintaining “unity” in the church — a worthy goal, is it not?

Matthew 24 - When does Jesus Return?

Does Jesus return before the tribulation, in the middle, or after?

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