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I Miss Free Speech

Free speech is under attack as certain ideas are off-limits for political correctness reasons. Not exactly what the Founders intended.

Guardians of the Flock: Sheepdogs

Only a few types of people exist: wolves and sheep. And the most important (at least for sheep), the guardians of the flock: sheepdogs.

The Hall of Faith

Most people have discovered the famous “Hall of Faith” in Hebrews 11. Unfortunately, many pastors don’t continue to the end of the chapter.

The Difference Between Knowledge and Belief

Paul probably experienced more problems in life than most of us (at one point despairing even of life), yet he was able to maintain mission focus.

The Church and Violent Political Protests - What Can We Learn?

As we’ve seen in Michigan, Wisconsin, and elsewhere, when certain groups don’t get what they want they resort to violence and attacks.

The Bizarreness of the "Big Tent"

Can Christianity really be a big tent, or is it a narrow path?

The Danger of Religion-by-Feelings

One danger these days involves the use of feelings instead of facts. If you’ve been in a public school you’re quite aware of the problem (John Loeffler says we’ve gone from being right to feeling good about being wrong). Unfortunately, that disease infects the church as well, and it’s not a new problem.


The church at Corinth certainly had their problems. Not unlike many churches today, Corinth faced a long list of difficulties.

Getting the Browser Default Language in PHP

If you do much international work, getting the users default language isn't as simple as it may appear. Using PHP and a few regular expressions you can quickly parse what the users browser says is its preferred language.

Markdown Color Syntax Highlighting in Kate

The Kate editor in Linux doesn't include color syntax highlights for Markdown files. Here's how to get it.

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