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Evolution and the Beginnings of the Universe: Case Closed

Evolution is now case closed, at least until we have some actual data (using the scientific method) to discuss instead of wild speculation.

Oops, We Goofed Again - No Missing Evolutionary Links

The search for the evolutionary missing link continues. It’s funny how those “missing link” proclamations receive big attention, but what happens they’re found out to be false?

Richard Dawkins Equates Scientific Inquiry with Holocaust Denial

Richard Dawkins makes absurd claims which don’t withstand even a casual glance, but at least provide some entertainment value — get the popcorn, this could surpass the best summer movie.

"Useless" Organs Really Aren't

Many times you’ll hear both atheists and evolutionists point to something as a mistake by God as a reason for denying God’s existence and creation. Various so-called vestigial organs become used as evidence against God, for…

Evolutionary Data

Whatever you do, do not ask for scientific proof for evolution. You'll get everything *but* data according to the scientific method. And if evolution fails to follow scientific method, it is not science by definition. Its adherents accept it on faith.

The Changing Theory of Evolution (or "Oops, we goofed again")

Remember those charts from school detailing how birds evolved from dinosaurs? It turns out those are false.

The Beginning of the Universe

One of the basic questions of life is “How did I get here”? Either evolution is correct (from the goo to the zoo to you) and the universe came into being from nothing by itself, or some god or other being created the universe and life.

Evolution Science

What happens when the supposedly overwhelming evidence for evolution is asked to be produced? Hilarity ensues.

The Probability of Evolution

Statistics can be used to prove almost anything. You need to know what the numbers actually mean.

Darwin on Evolution

It’s been said evolution is a fact, with just a few details left to work out. But if you study science much, you recall another time when science had the same amount of assurance — just at the first part of the 1900’s.

How Old is the Earth?

Young earth verses old earth is a popular debate. Can't Genesis days actually be billions of years each?

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