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It’s The Cross, Stupid

Staying on message isn't just for politics. Christians should stay on message as well, and not get bogged down in liberal theology sidetracks.

Are You At Peace?

You know what? People don't really change much. The same problem the disciples faced thousands of years ago is the exact same problem we frequently encounter — and we react the same way they did. Isn't it time to learn the lesson and be at peace.

Are You Sure You Should Be Doing That?

People ask me, why train in Taekwondo? Among other things, it provides an opportunity to help other people, perhaps by sharing my story.

I Told You So!

Watching political events it's clear where we are today is a product of decades. Sadly, when people sounded the alarm many years ago they were ignored.

Stop Horsing Around

While watching a friend’s kid perform, her father and I naturally started talking about competition — the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

Christian Atheism

Christian atheism? Could anything be so contradictory? Discover the reality of Christian atheism — people actually write books on the subject. As usual, it relies on post-modern philosophy to avoid being laughed out of the room, in spite of its absurdity.

Don’t Read This if You’re Politically Correct

Who actually holds Biblical world-views? Do liberal political views imply liberal theology?

Rub Some Dirt on It

Guys aren’t too smart when it comes to pain. Rub some dirt on it isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life.

Why You Should Stop Listening To Your Pastor … And What To Do Instead

The average pew-warmer in church is un-trained, un-prepared, and unable to perform their combat role, providing little more usefulness than zombie food. The surprising reason? They listen to their pastor too much.

Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln, Did You Enjoy The Play?

The pain wasn’t too bad, my first thought was crap, this will make Saturday’s Taekwondo tournament a whole lotta fun — I hope it’s not too stiff by then.

You Can’t Have a Pony

Well, as it turns out, you *can*. While visiting the Tatums (Lindsey wrote the foreword for my book Stay in the Game, but you still don’t get a pony) I managed to stay on a horse…

Water Heaters Aren’t Just Appliances, They’re Adventures

Our town’s water is legendary for its badness. It’s hard as a rock, and tends to eat through almost anything, leaving brown stains and disintegrated metal behind. It’s not unsafe, but not very appealing either, containing…

Captain, We’re Passing Crush Depth!

It seems every submarine movie includes standard scenes. After the opening credits the sub cruises at normal depth — the crew relaxed and having fun. Later during combat, the sub sinks — past crush depth, pegging the depth gauge. All is feared lost.

Having a Bad Day?

We all have bad days. Being able to maintain proper perspective makes the difference between a bad day and a bad attitude.

What Al Gore and Ed Begley Can Teach You In 2014

No matter what you think about global warming, everyone agrees Al Gore remains a polarizing figure promoting his global warming dogma. Surprisingly, the Goracle provides valuable lessons applicable to your Christian life, and shows global warming…

The Church Has ADHD

A friend of mine posted an article Go and do the same regarding how we assist others in the church going through tough times. She’s polite and tactful in her article; I’m more direct and aren’t…

The 3% Solution

Discouraged about what you see around you? It takes far fewer people to change the situation than you might think.

Heavy Artillery

One piece doesn't get much mention, but it's your weapon to impact battles far away, like long range artillery.

Protect Your Head!

The Helmet protected the head from cavalry attacks, as riders on horseback used a wide, blunt sword to split skulls of those walking beneath them. Obviously, if you take such a blow to the head you’re in big trouble, so how is the condition of your helmet?

How Are Your Shoes?

Any slip while engaged in hand-to-hand combat is probably your last. Thus having proper footgear is vital.

Breastplate Of Righteousness

The Roman breastplate covered the chest and those hard-to-live-without organs — heart, lungs, etc. Lacking advanced medicine, a blow through the ancient breastplate usually proved fatal.

Stay In The Game!

I recently returned from a Taekwondo tournament, and it’s always fascinating to watch people react — especially parents toward their kids.

In The Event Of A Water Landing...

Flying provides a surprise lesson for the church.

Faith Isn’t What You Think

Faith isn't what you think. It's not a blind hope, rather it has more in common with a bridge.

Motivation is not Pretty

When your 3AM call finally arrives (and one day it will), will you be prepared to handle it?

Gratitude isn't Optional

Gratitude usually isn’t a problem — but a lack of gratitude sure is.

The Garden of Eden is Texas

I just returned from a business trip to Houston. One thing you should know … I *hate* travel. My idea of travel involves traversing the six miles from our town to the next (which has a grocery store).

Mission Preparedness

Genesis 14 contains a rather obscure passage on Melchizedek — someone we wouldn’t even know if it weren’t for Paul’s reference in Hebrews.

The Christian 911 Call

Early in life, a child has driven in their brain calling 911 in an emergency. When you’re in trouble, or a medical crisis, call 911 and help is on the way. But, as it turns out,…

Wile E. Coyote’s Guide to Offense

I’ve always been a big fan of the Road Runner. It’s why I studied Physics in college, as it was intriguing to learn the cosmos exists as an ordered system, and it’s possible to figure stuff…

2013: The Year of Offense

2013 is supposed to be better than 2012, right? After all, isn’t that what everyone hopes for? Hopes, yes, realizes … sometimes not so much.


Evil exists even if people want to live in Fantasyland and blame everyone and everything *except* the perpetrator for the evil done.

Next Man Up

Oregon Football redefined the game. Not just for lightning quick scores, up-tempo offense, and staggering point totals. The real difference comes from Coach Kelly and his philosophy, one of those ideas being how to handle individuals in a team game.

A Question of Faith

In the midst of trials, people might wonder where God is. After all, we've been praying, where is God? Is my faith not sufficient? Am I not doing it right? Is something else wrong? Perhaps nothing is wrong — the answer comes from Paul’s letter to the Romans, so hang on a bit for the answer.

Lose the Weight: Part Two

In the second of our series we’ll touch on a problem facing not just Christians but everyone: how can I see God?

Lose the Weight: Part One

Today’s Christian requires a weight loss program. Not for the body (though many of us might need that as well), but the spirit, as too many people lug around excess baggage — and that’s not good for running a race if you want to win.

It's Weight-Loss Time

Would you show up for a 100 meter dash wearing boots? Probably not.

The Danger of Drifting

The danger of drifting away from what you know to be true (apostasy) remains a problem as the church willfully abandons traditional doctrine.

The Star Wars Guide to the 3AM Call

Remember the scene when Luke crashes on Dagobah, and discovers Yoda to begin his Jedi training?

Speaking the Truth: Jeremiah

We discussed Moses avoiding the call of God, and the (in)famous attempt of Jonah to duck the call. This week we’ll cover a similar situation — not avoiding the call, but not exactly thrilled about the…

In Search of the Holy Grail

Man always looks for the holy grail, or in this case, the free lunch -- the idea you can get something for nothing. Politically, government handouts and increasing debt with no consequences. But it doesn't work. Life is hard, and requires effort.

Avoiding the Call: Jonah

We discussed Moses avoiding the call of God; this week we’ll cover a story even people who’ve never been in church have heard of: Jonah and the whale.

Avoiding the Call: Moses

Frequently in the church it’s difficult to get anyone to staff volunteer positions. If you’ve ever been involved in staffing, you’re familiar with all the usual reasons — young children at home, new job, school, and more. Getting out of service for God isn’t a new idea, rather it began way back in the Bible. How far back?

Why Stubbornness is a Good Thing

In Get Back in the Game I related a story about breaking my arm during Taekwondo training — I did something I shouldn’t have, and got injured because of it. I managed to finish the session,…

3 Groups Jesus Squared off Against That Still Exist Today

Not much ever changes — human behavior remains basically the same over thousands of years. Sure we give it different names and labels, but underlying behavior doesn’t change much. Thus, when Jesus walked the earth we’d expect to see Him encounter groups similar to groups today.

Get Back in the Game!

It's time for Christians to get off the bench and get in the game.

Returning to Fellowship with God

The first or second most popular article on this site over the last *decade* remains Can You Lose Your Salvation?, and while I don’t track email trends, the subject certainly gets much email attention also. One…

Gideon and Paul

Paul and Gideon aren’t two people normally associated with each other. Yet when reading the Bible, sometimes a connection appears between two people or events you never thought of before.

How to Handle False Teachers

Proper handling of false teachers is important. You can neither let them go unchallenged, nor should you be rude.

Christianity Verses Man's Wisdom - Do Christians Hate Smart People?

Christians will soon have to make a choice: follow the phony reality of The Matrix, or stand on the rock of God’s Word. Unfortunately, those calling for Christians to accept man’s philosophy miss an important point: man’s best ideas continually change — remember when using leaches was considered good medicine?

Failure of Public Education

Very few people would disagree public education is anything other than a failure as it gets worse and worse. A new study *proves* college fails in the most important idea to teach: learning how to learn, with logic and critical thinking.

Buzzword Bingo: Complimentarian and Egalitarian

Christians seem to fight over anything and everything. Chuck Missler asks why Christians organize their firing squads in circles.

You are Never Alone

Last week a tragic event occurred as a person was struck and killed by a train. As it turns out, video from the train (no, I don’t think—and hope—it’s not public) revealed the person walked to…

Biblical roles of Men and Women

Perhaps nothing differentiates “modern” (read that: liberal) and traditional Christianity more than the role of men and women.

Atheist Understanding of the Gospel Surpasses Pastor's

Not everyone with the title “pastor” behind their name is trustworthy. That should be obvious, but many fall victim to the “appeal to authority” problem, where someone appearing as an authority has their beliefs accepted without challenge.

How Should Christians be Involved in Politics?

Some people say Christians should not be involved in political matters. Every election you must decide how involved to be in the political process.

That's Not What I Meant!

Ever notice things don’t often work out the way you want? Me too.

Returning to Egypt?

It’s strange how we only remember the good parts of the “good ol’ days”; all the bad events become lost in the vast space of gray matter.

Who's in Your Boat?

Who’s in your boat? What a strange question — I don’t have a boat, don’t need a boat, don’t want a boat. As we shall see, it’s a *vital* question to ask if we are to…

A Tale of Two Paths

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are at the crossroads — standing at the “Y” in the road — before them two different paths. You can only choose one path, and it’s clear…

Of Penguins and People

It turns out we can learn a lot from penguins.

The Beginnings of the Financial Crisis

With all the talk of economic depression, stimulus, sub-prime mortgages — and of course all the political grandstanding, finger pointing, and attempts to use the situation to further political agendas, most people have a simple question: How did the country get in this mess?

Combat Faith

After the events of September 11th everyone eagerly awaited the President’s state of the union address. Everyone knew the main topic; most knew the points he would bring up.

Joy in Trials

James was a nutcase. Joy in trials? Not possible.

Turn One-Eight

Whooooosh - clang - echo. Nothing else in the world sounds like that. Sure, she’d herd that noise on TV so many times she’d lost count, but it’s different when you’re on the other side as…

Two Deadly Diseases

Two deadly diseases? I want to hear about uplifting, positive things, not anything negative like disease, and certainly not deadly ones. Yet there are times we must act as a watchman in a tower, warning the…

The Confusion of Religion

Contrary to the popular teaching of value relativism, right and wrong do exist. Nobody actually believes in value relativism - even its most staunch supporters.

A Role Model for Today

Chevrolet. NASCAR. No.3. The Intimidator. The Man in black. In the word association game, any racing fan knows what comes next — Dale Earnhardt.

Testing God

Should a Christian refuse medical treatment and rely on faith and prayer alone to heal?

Is Baptism Required for Salvation?

Sadly, one of the biggest conflicts in the church today surrounds baptism. Is it required for salvation? If so, sprinkled or dunked? Must a priest perform it to be valid? From what church? Is the water consecrated or not? Mention baptism and these are just some of the issues to be addressed.

The Unpardonable Sin

Satan wants to cause FUD (a TLA [three letter acronym] known in the computer industry — standing for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) among God’s people. For example, when the Israelites left Egypt and traveled towards the…

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