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Bible Review: MEV (Modern English Version)

Modern Bible translations continue to be created with alphabet-soup soup combinations: ESV, HCSB, TNIV, etc. Welcome the newest entry to the Bible translation mess, the MEV, or Modern English Version. It claims to be based on the KJV, but does it provide a worthwhile update, or is it flawed?

Bible Translation Silliness

I read many articles on Bible translation, and am amazed at some of the strange reasons people use to promote their version. While the KJV remains the undisputed superior Bible text in English, it’s not infallible, and some reasons its supporters use are … well … just silly.

Bible Review: KJV Scofield III — Is It The Best?

The best Bible you can have is a 1967 Scofield Bible. It’s Textus-Receptus based, ignoring the corrupt Westcott-Hort (also known as UBS or Nestle-Aland) text. Sadly, it seems to go in and out of print, so what should a discerning Bible student use?

Bible Review: HCSB

From a reader request this week we’ll review the HCSB, or Holman Christian Standard Bible, using our 3 Steps to Choosing a Bible Translation.

Bible Review: ESV

The ESV pops on the scene as one of the new, hot, translations. But how does it stack up?

Southern Baptists Reject the "New" NIV

Back in 2009 we warned about the new NIV, which turned out to be the previously rejected TNIV repackaged as the NIV. It appears the bait-and-switch didn’t fool Southern Baptists, who rejected the wolf-in-sheeps-clothing rewrite of…

Atheism, Gender-Neutrality, and the King James Bible

We wrote about the gender neutral NIV translation back in 2009, but an interesting note of the perils of the trendy “gender neutral” translation come from none other than staunch anti-religious atheist Christopher Hitchens.

3 Steps to Choosing a Bible Translation

<p>We find many articles on Bible translation express a similar idea: go to a bookstore and read various translations and pick one you like. In other words, they’re all roughly equivalent, and choosing one over the other becomes personal preference.

New NIV appears in 2011 - TNIV to be dropped

Bible translations come and go; we generally don’t proclaim all modern translations evil as it’s not inherently bad to have a Bible in modern English, but you *must* be careful — some of these groups claim they’re only updating English and grammar, but after a careful review you find they don’t just update English.

Which Bible Translation is Best?

Many issues divide the Body of Christ today. Baptism, communion, pre-tribulation rapture verses post-tribulation and more all cause division in the Church as satan loves to divide and conquer; it’s sad we fight among ourselves instead…

KJV-Only - Which is the Best King James Bible?

There are actually more than one King James Bible, with minor variations among them. Is one preferred over others?

Why the KJV is the Best Bible Translation

The Bible translation debate rages on — which is best? Many argue the “modern” translations are easier to read and we should stop using the KJV and use one of the many newer translations; unfortunately ignoring…

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