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Atheists are Funny... Especially When They're Serious

Al Stefanelli (Georgia State Director of American Atheists) sure stepped in it big time, and displayed for all the world atheism’s complete lack of understanding logic and critical thinking.

Atheists Unhinged

New York wants to memorialize seven firefighters who died on 9/11 (a good thing) by renaming a street “Seven in Heaven Way.” Who could have a problem with that? Enter stage left, atheists trying to stamp out all religion based on their illogical and unprovable dogma. Where’s the tolerance?

National Day of Prayer Ruled Constitutional

The “Freedom from Religion Foundation” attempt to force their views onto everyone else crashes and burns in a spectacular fireball.

More on Dawkins and Morality-No absolutes

Richard Dawkins when asked for his definition of morality responded “Moral philosophic reasoning and a shifting zeitgeist.” That basically means whatever society says is moral, or value relativism.

Bill Maher Show and Intolerant Atheists

Bill Maher may hold strange views, but one thing we admire him for—he’ll state his views straight out, without any attempt to sugar coat it or show tact (at least he’s honest and proudly proclaims his views.

Atheists say the Funniest Things

It’s even funnier (actually sad) they take their God-denying rants *seriously*.

Atheism and the Poison of Liberal Theology

For some reason, atheists aren’t happy unless they convert religious people to their dogma. Why? I don’t know, but they frequently display intolerance, expressing a deep conviction to win converts to the religion of atheism.

Avoiding Logical Error - There is No God

Atheists frequently don’t recognize contradictions while attempting to defend the logical inconsistencies created by atheism. Atheists claim there is no God; after the statement is made (usually as an unproven “fact”), and the logical contradictions of that statement are pointed out to them, instead of admitting they made an error they go to great lengths to disavow the problem.

Avoiding Logical Error - Science and Confirmation Bias

Errors in logic must be avoided if you wish to have an open mind and use critical thinking. This of course means you must be open to all possibilities, forming opinions based on logic and analysis instead of preconceived ideas; confirmation bias can arise during analysis by making assumptions based on what you want to see, instead of evidence and logical deduction.


Atheism doesn't work, so a god must be required. How do you determine which god?


Agnosticism differs from atheism. At least it is childish gibberish.


Atheism as dictionary defined is illogical by definition. It holds nothing but immature gibberish. Of course, atheists don't like to admit that, but it's simple to show.


Before discussion atheism, we should define our terms, because some people use atheism with non-standard definitions.

A Question of Atheist Morality and Holidays

Atheists display some strange ideas. They'll complain about religious holidays ... but still take the day off.

The Problem of Morality - Where Does It Come From?

Without absolute standards, where does right and wrong come from? There is no morality.

Atheist Logic - An Oxymoron

Some atheists finally admit the logical absurdity of stating “There is no God”, but attempt to weasel out of the problem by claiming practically we can state there is no God (or, almost certainly there is no God), because they don’t have proof meeting their requirements.

Richard Dawkins Proves God Exists - by Mistake

Devotees of evolutionary dogma face a problem as it’s widely accepted neither the time the universe has existed (let’s just use 15 billion years) nor the amount of matter in the universe allow for random mutations to produce what surrounds us.

Lord, Liar or Lunatic?

CS Lewis presents his famous trilemma regarding Jesus. Interestingly, it was the one argument my philosophy professor found valid.

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