Kentucky: It’s NOT Alison Lundergan Grimes versus Mitch McConnell

Last week we waded into a bit of politics with I Told You So. I don’t normally debate political matters unless it’s something not commonly discussed; since it’s election season I’m going to uncover a tidbit of information which very few people outside political circles know.

The Kentucky Senate race featuring Alison Lundergan Grimes versus Mitch McConnell has captured media attention. It’s the classic Democrat versus Republican battle national media loves. But a dirty secret exists, and it’s vital for Kentucky voters (and everyone else, since it happens elsewhere) to understand:

It’s not Grimes versus McConnell at all.

If you read Alison Grimes’ stands on political issues, you’ll notice they’re either boilerplate issues all candidates regurgitate:

  • Energy Independence
  • Protect Social Security
  • Jobs

… or normally Republican (gasp!) issues:

  • Oppose Obama’s anti-coal stance
  • Cut Federal red-tape
  • Reduce the out-of-control Federal deficit
  • Balance the budget
  • Support Veterans

That’s a solidly Republican agenda. Why run as a Democrat? She’s trying to convince voters she’ll better represent conservative Kentucky issues than McConnell — as a politician running in Kentucky, she can’t run on a solidly liberal Democratic platform:

  • All-abortion, all the time
  • Massive federal deficits
  • All-controlling big-brother government
  • Anti-coal, anti-energy
  • Anti-military

That liberal agenda won’t garner 10 votes in Kentucky — San-Francisco liberalism stands zero chance of success, so she must run as a “moderate,” or even (shudder!) a conservative.

Now for the dirty secret:

None of that matters, only the “D” or “R” following the name. Yes, you read that right, and for those who might disagree, they only need to consider a single question:

What will Alison Grimes do in her first Senate days?

Answer: vote for Harry Reid as leader. As Senate Leader, Harry Reid sets the agenda, Harry Reid controls what Democrats (like Grimes) must support. What does Harry Reid support? Not much of what Alison does, at least by her web site — Reid is no conservative to be sure.

Voting for Alison Grimes votes for Team RePO — Reid, Pelosi, Obama.

That’s the choice Kentucky voters face, not Grimes or McConnell (and yes, a similar situation functions on the Republican side as well).

In the end, it does not matter what your candidate believes, only what party leaders like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi do.

Voters in Kentucky must choose whether they agree with Team RePO, NOT Alison Grimes.

… because that’s what they’re really voting for, whether they know it or not.

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