Water Heaters Aren’t Just Appliances, They’re Adventures

Our town’s water is legendary for its badness. It’s hard as a rock, and tends to eat through almost anything, leaving brown stains and disintegrated metal behind. It’s not unsafe, but not very appealing either, containing lots of iron and minerals.

As a result, we tend to go through appliances a lot. Our two-year-old water-heater’s anode rod has already disintegrated.

Not a hard job to replace it, I thought. I can do this in an hour or two.

Not so fast, mon ami.

Strangely, the rod didn’t have a hex fitting for a wrench, it was completely round. No problem, I’ll grab a pipe wrench.

Naturally, the pipe wrench wasn’t to be found in the tool box, so down to the hardware store and $10 later I’ve got a new pipe wrench. Ready to go, this will be an hour or so.

Not so fast, mon ami.

I leaned on that thing, and it wouldn’t budge.

Enter the Plumber

Finally, I gave up and called the plumber. $275 later, he had it fixed (along with a new thermostat and other parts).

Of course, that’s not the end of the story — did I mention our water is a bit bad?

We flushed the water heater, and a pile of sand came out — just like you’d find on the beach. No problem, we got it all out, let’s refill the tank and we’re done.

Not so fast, mon ami.

It worked … for a few minutes. Then the kitchen faucet plugged up. Completely. As in not even a drip.

No big deal, we’ll just take it apart and clean it out.

Not so fast, mon ami.

It wouldn’t clean out. Nada. Zip. Now we need a new hose; everyone pile into the car and off we go.

Computer Guys are like Doctors

I’m a computer network administrator and programmer. Computer guys are like doctors and lawyers, as soon as people discover what you do they ask for help.

On this day I was supposed to assist a friend getting a USB wi-fi card working. We had to cancel because of the water-heater adventure (which was only supposed to take an hour).

Since we had to saddle up the horses and ride into town, I figured we’d stop by so I could at least accomplish something today. Besides, I gave my word.

They worked on it for hours and accomplished nothing. I’ve done hundreds of setups like this, we’ll be done in a few minutes.

Just that fast, mon ami — I had that thing working in five minutes. Flat.

The Rest of the Story

We’re still holding the #@$! plugged-up hose, and after telling our sad story, he’s a contractor … with an air compressor … in the garage.

“Why don’t you let me see if I can blow it out,” he said. Sure, you can try, but we’ve been working on it for a while, and it’s totally plugged.

He had that thing working in five minutes. Flat.

You’re Special … But Don’t Get Cocky

Nobody’s good at everything, but everyone is good at something.

One of our friends noticed someone is stealing their firewood, and in Oregon that’s like horse stealing in the wild west. It’s not very nice, and can get you in a lot of trouble.

She posted if they just asked she would have given wood to them (she’s that kind of person), and a loaf of bread as well (she’s quite the legendary cook).

After reading that, I was compelled to confess. Yep, it was me — can I have my bread now?

I’m sure soon after, a flood of confessions poured in. Everyone wanted that bread. Yeah, it’s that good.

Pay it Forward

An old movie from 2000 called “Pay it Forward” never really became popular, but contained the idea when someone does something for you, don’t worry about paying it back, but pay it forward — do something for someone else who needs help.

Every Christian has at least one spiritual gift.

Isn’t it time we started using those and paying it forward? Many in the church have situations they need help with, and while they’re floundering around it could be you’re the person to help.

In five minutes. Flat.

It’s time to get in the game, as you have unique gifts nobody else has, and if you’re not using them you’re jipping the rest of us of something God wants us to have.

If that last thought didn’t jar you a bit, you need to re-read it.

We have people gifted in teaching, music, exhortation, administration, helps, and a whole lot of other areas.

The problem comes when those people fail to recognize their gift. How can someone miss it? It’s so natural to them, they don’t think of it as anything special.

But if you’re the guy struggling with the spiritual equivalent of a USB wi-fi card or a messed up plumbing hose, you realize those abilities are not normal — they’ve been given by God who intends them to be used.

Take your gift, and pay it forward.

Yes, life is hard, and you might not get a pony, but it’s the fourth quarter, and we don’t have much time left.

Don’t you want to get off the bench and get in the game?

So What?

I’ve picked up quite a few new subscribers in the last few months, and let me restate what I’ve said before:

Too many Christians face trials and crisis, and when they look in their toolbox for something to use, they find nothing. We want to change that.

Our goal is to make this your go-to reference for filling your toolbox. Because you will have those 3AM moments, the only question will be how you handle them.

With that in mind, it’s time to remind everyone — what can we do for you? What questions do you have, what doctrine bothers you, what do you really need an answer for, but don’t want to ask?

It’s time to ask … because it’s 2:59AM.

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