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One problem stemming from the heresy of replacement theology is Christians cut themselves off from additional understanding the Jewish people provide.

I’ve been reading a book from rabbi Daniel Lapin, and it’s startling to discover exactly how much we miss by not diving into Jewish history and understanding. Oh sure, we read the Old Testament, but that’s as far as it goes, and even that comes from a Gentile perspective.

Consider the star of David, as the rabbi relates.

We’ve all seen it — two triangles with one rotated 180 degrees. The resulting image appears as a star, hence the name.

But return to your engineering background. The most stable shape is the triangle. It’s why trusses and roof supports incorporate it. Attempting to push or pull on the triangle fails to deform it, at least until the structural capability of the material is exceeded.

Now consider a square (parallelogram).

In contrast, it’s (almost) the weakest construction shape. Pushing on the square easily deforms it, even by forces well below the material’s structural strength. It’s unsuitable for building without bracing, which forms a — ta da! — triangle inside the square.

One worse shape actually does exist — the “Z.” A z-shape or vertical z provides virtually no support at all, and topples easily by its own weight.

So what, you might ask?

Consider two symbols from WWII. Yep, you know the two I’m talking about.

  • The Jewish star of David consists of two stable triangles.
  • The swastika consists of two unstable vertical Z’s.

The group represented by the first still exists — and will continue to as God is not finished with the Jews; they still have significant plans in God’s eyes.

The group represented by the second — Hitler’s Third Reich — has faded into the pages of history.

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