What Al Gore and Ed Begley Can Teach You In 2014

No matter what you think about global warming, everyone agrees Al Gore remains a polarizing figure promoting his global warming dogma. Surprisingly, the Goracle provides valuable lessons applicable to your Christian life, and shows global warming isn’t all hot air.

The Goracle

Al Gore preaches to his disciples about global warming, and the urgent problem — we must do something now or the planet will die. Stop driving, conserve energy, private jets are evil, SUV’s kill baby kittens, and so on.

Yet he travels on private jets, uses considerable energy in his home, and purchased an ocean-front mansion in California.

Wait, aren’t the oceans supposed to rise and flood the coasts?

It’s obvious Al Gore believes nothing of what he preaches to his followers — it’s for public consumption by gullible people only. If the earth hangs in the balance (as he preaches), why does he act the way he does?

Simple truth — he doesn’t believe in global warming or anything else he spouts. Do as I say, not as I do, or conservation for thee, but not for me.


There’s a word for that — hypocrisy. As Wikipedia notes:

Hypocrisy is the state of falsely claiming to possess virtuous characteristics that one lacks. Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and is thus a kind of lie.

The word comes from actors playing a role — it’s not the real person, only a fake persona intended to incite emotional responses.

Ed Begley

On the other hand, Ed Begley deserves respect as one of those rare celebrities following what he believes. He’s a true environmentalist who drives a Prius, composts, and (according to Wikipedia) lives in a modest 1,585 square foot home, powered by solar and wind, such that his yearly electric bill is $300.

$300? ABC Local 13 reports Al Gore in his 20-room mansion uses 100 times that amount, for a yearly total of $30,000, more than twenty times the national average.

No matter if you agree with Ed Begly or not, at least he walks the talk; blowhards don’t (isn’t all that hot air bad for mother earth?).

Both Ed Begley and the Goracle call themselves environmentalists, one believes what he says, the other doesn’t.

The Lesson

You might have heard complaints about the church being full of hypocrites. It’s the same problem so-called environmentalists have screeching “save the planet” — just before they takeoff in their private jet, spewing untold amounts of toxic CO2 into the atmosphere. Oh the humanity!

It’s easy to shout Praise the Lord on Sunday, but live like Satan on Monday.

Hypocrisy can infect anyone, at any time. Once hypocrisy becomes known, it’s difficult to get respect back.

Your Christian attitude should be hypocrisy-free, as Ed Begley, not like others who fail to act the way they say everyone should.

This doesn’t mean you never make mistakes — I’m sure Ed Begley sometime in the past year neglected to recycle something, or forgot to turn off the (LED) lights.

The challenge for the new year — live the rest of the days like you do on Sunday from 10AM–Noon. We all make mistakes, we all at times behave in a manner that is not Christ-like.

But is it your nature, or a stumble? People are watching, and frankly make fun of the Goracle and hypocrisy.

As Glenn Beck said in his newsletter about 2014 resolutions:

I will serve more than I am served. I will help more people in need. I will be less cynical and highlight as many stories of decency, hope, and love as I can find. I will be an encouragement to others rather than a stumbling block. I will love my neighbor as myself.

I’m as guilty as the next guy for falling short on these simple things. But this year, I’m recommitting myself. And I firmly believe, if we all do the same, we can expect to see the Lord work wonders among us in 2014.

Be like Ed, because it really comes down to a simple idea — do you really believe what you say, or not? Do your actions on Monday match—or oppose—your appearance on Sunday?

Make 2014 the year the difference between those gets smaller.

… Because it’s 2:59AM.

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