Truth Isn’t Relative

Value relativism is the idea truth is a personal thing, and your truth isn’t necessarily anyone else’s truth. Of course, that idea is pure poppycock, but you’d be surprised how many people accept such delusion (most college professors, liberal theology adherents, and so on).

When someone does stand up and proclaim truth, they’re labeled narrow-minded, poorly educated, un-enlightened, and more.

  • Saying to people who believe the world is flat it’s really round doesn’t make you a flataphobe.
  • Saying to people who believe the un-science of evolution doesn’t make you anti-science.
  • Proclaiming the existence of God doesn’t make you an idiot.

Sure, you’ll likely be called all of those things (and worse) for proclaiming truth, but 2+2 still equals 4, no matter how many nasty names are hurled your way. Truth is truth. Unchanging.

Proclaiming truth doesn’t make you narrow-minded, a fear monger, un-educated, or a blank-a-phobe.

It makes you a prophet.

Prophets don’t just predict the future, in Biblical terms it means speaking forth the Word of God, i.e. proclaiming truth. It’s thus saith The Lord. Period.

Speak the truth, as John Loeffler says I won’t sit down and I won’t shut up; just because someone doesn’t like truth and prefers to live in The Matrix doesn’t change truth. It doesn’t matter if they don’t like it, are offended by it, or don’t believe it.

Boldly proclaim truth (politely), and remember if the apostle Paul prayed for boldness, we should too.

… because its 2:59AM

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