Being Offended Verses Truth

As the last political convention concludes, we’ve seen various politicians, speakers, and pundits declare they’re “offense” at something someone else said. The underlying idea: those people shouldn’t be allowed to say what they did.

What happened to free speech?

Well, it morphed into something else, just as tolerance did. Tolerance no longer means being considerate for what other people believe, it means shout down anyone disagreeing with a position, label it “hate speech.” or even proudly proclaim your intolerance, while calling it tolerant.

Free speech means that — you’re allowed to speak as you wish. It does not mean you won’t hear opposing viewpoints, or something you disagree with.

Free speech means we all have the right to discuss and try and convince others our position is correct. Sadly, free speech slowly morphs into politically correct speech only, with others being afraid to speak for fear of retribution or personal attacks.

This happens in the church as well. Arguments over pre-trib, Bible translations, baptism, and so on. Why fight over minor doctrine?

Let’s be clear. If you believe Jesus Christ is God, became a man, died on the cross for our (my) sin, resurrected the third day, and the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God almost everything else is minor.

Sure, we might have disagreements on pre-trib/post-trib, but in the end the foundations of Christianity bind us together.

However, if you’re liberal, progressive, post-modern, denying inerrancy of the Bible (for example the two-Isaiah idea, or Paul didn’t really mean what he wrote, and so on), denying atonement of Jesus on the cross, know this: even atheists know you’re not really Christian. You may fool a lot of people, but you won’t fool everyone.

Those groups trade Christianity for pot-lucks. Like sucking out all the chocolate of an M&M, all that remains from liberal theology is the thin candy shell. And who wants to munch on that?

It’s time for real Christians to unite and put aside petty difference, and focus on the majors.

If you believe the same, join our mailing list. Sure, we’ll likely disagree on points now and then, but as long as we agree on the “big list”, we’re on the same team.

It’s time to get in gear and present a united front … because it’s 2:59AM.

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