In Search of the Holy Grail

Man always seems to be on a quest of some kind. Indiana Jones. Fountain of Youth. Ab-buster 2000. I read an article about silver-bullet poisoning — we spend so much time looking for the magic cure, the easy fix, the simple solution, the big payoff, we don’t actually do anything about the real problem.

It’s the elusive search for the free lunch, a mythical creature never found in reality.

Unfortunately, this disease infects Christians as well. From social justice and its promise to shift your responsibility to care for others to the government, to the attitude of the average pew-warmer waiting to be spoon-fed regurgitated leftovers from an overworked pastor, Christians can be lazy, refusing to get back in the game.


We’ve fallen victim to the same disease infecting the rest of the world (actually, two problems):

  1. Failure to learn (sitting in a pew year after year and yet failing to actually learn anything).
  2. Failure to apply (after obtaining a good Biblical foundation, failure to apply it to daily life).

When faced with a situation, you must consider what you’ve learned, and then apply what you know. It requires planning, preparation, and stubbornness. It’s your job to learn, study, and then apply what you know.

But wait, some say, doesn’t this mean you don’t trust God? If you’re telling me to plan and prepare, should we not trust God?

The answer arrives from a simple question: did you eat breakfast this morning? Or did you trust God a bowl of Fruit Loops would magically appear in your bed? If you rose out of bed, opened the cabinet, poured cereal in the bowl, and dumped milk on it, well, how sad for your lack of faith. We’ll pray for you.

Preparation requires action, not slothfulness, and never negates trust in God.

Get back in the game — that takes study, effort, and application. Fail any of those and you won’t be successful.

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