Why Studying Heresy is Important

We’ve frequently written about heretical ideas, the question might arise — why do you focus so much on these fringe ideas, can’t we all just looooove each other? What happened to the big tent?

As Wile E. Coyote says, a legitimate question, one that deserves a legitimate answer; the answer comes from the following study.

Almost half of churchgoing Americans say their life has not changed a bit due to their time in the pews, a new survey shows.

Barna Group, an evangelical company based in California, found that 46 percent reported no change. About a quarter of Americans said their life was greatly affected by church attendance and another quarter said it was somewhat influential.

HALF of people going to church say it has not changed their life? Houston, we’ve got a problem.

Why no change? Well, if you believe the Bible has errors and is not applicable, you’ve substituted phony social justice for the real Gospel, you like post-modern philosophy denying absolutes, accept strange liberal theology and you don’t believe the Bible applies to your life, why bother?

The “god” they preach isn’t the God of the Bible, has no relevance to your life, and frequently doesn’t tell the truth or tries to confuse you. It’s no wonder that won’t change your life, so stay home and watch football and American Idol.

If the Bible is the inspired Word of God it’s time to get off the couch and back in the game. If not, church is nothing more than potlucks — and as much as we like potlucks, it’s unlikely you’ve been to any which changed your life.

If people want to believe bizarre ideas like social justice, universal salvation, post-modern philosophy, collective salvation, alternate gospels, the moon is made of cheese, and so on, we’ve no problem with them at all, as everyone is free to believe what they wish.

However, when they’re spreading their cancer to others, it’s time to say enough, and call false ideas what they are.

That’s why understanding heretical poisons is so important. You’ve got to pull your friends out of The Matrix — and you can’t do that unless you understand what you’re up against.

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