Political Correctness Contradictions

The politically correct crowd likes to boast about tolerance and acceptance of others, but if you’ve ever disagreed with them you’ll quickly discover how far their intolerance will go to defend their anti-definition of tolerance. Sound bizarre? Are you asking yourself who could be that illogical? Consider the following quote from a so-called “tolerant” person:

We live our lives intolerant only of those who don’t tolerate …

Notice the problem? She claims to be tolerant — all while admitting being intolerant (but her intolerance is justified, why it’s not really intolerance at all as some people don’t deserve tolerance, and she gets to choose who’s in the tolerated group and who’s in the non-tolerated group). Of course, she missed the contradiction in her position, a perfect case of Cognitive Dissonance — holding conflicting ideas simultaneously (Orwell called it Doublethink). By her own standard, she shouldn’t be tolerated because of her admitted intolerance toward others.

In other words, she fails to live up to her own standard — a fact she curiously fails to understand or notice.

Tolerance has been redefined. Most would agree tolerance means you have your view, I have mine, and we can both discuss and try to convince the other but people are allowed to have their view, and we should be respectful of differing views. Tolerance does not mean you won’t hear opposing views, and you won’t be asked to defend your ideas using logic and critical thinking.

The far-left “tolerant” person frequently labels anyone disagreeing with them as using “hate-speech” — a strangely vague label meaning “anyone I don’t like, or expresses ideas I don’t like”.

As this person points out, the far-left illogical crowd really means tolerance is reserved only for those who agree with radical ideology. If you don’t accept their opinion, those same “tolerant” people are free to use whatever intolerant means they wish to squash your voice … all in the name of “tolerance”.

It’s group-think at its best (worst).

If you’re interested in avoiding logical mistakes, study logic and critical thinking (something not taught in the failed public schools much) — a good book to begin with is “Discerning Truth” by Dr. Jason Lisle (ISBN 978-0890515945).

Remember, just because the herd you’re running with doesn’t notice absurd statements and contradictions doesn’t give those ideas credibility. As John Loeffler notes, the herd is almost always running in the wrong direction.

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