Tragedy Resulting From Incorrect Biblical Views

It’s truly sad when someone receives improper teaching on the Bible, and rejects God because of it. Just as bad are some groups who desire to capitalize on such situations to promote their own heresies.

First, the situation of a woman who received some really off-the-wall instruction on her place in Christianity:

I had heard the word of God, and I felt moved by much of it …. However, I was held back from this because I was told … Eve [was] really responsible for all sin in the world, and not Adam, even though she didn’t force him to eat the forbidden fruit … I was to be silent in church and women could not hold a position of responsibility. It was as if God had already decided that because I am female there was nothing [God] cared to hear me say. And worst of all was what was to happen if I were to marry. I would become a slave to my husband, obeying his word as if it were the word of God … I left church behind and my faith in the Lord with it. I couldn’t reconcile being part of a religion that had labeled me as inferior from birth.

We’ll dissect this in two points, first, giving the proper Biblical view, and second, a warning for those seeking to use events like this to promote their own political ideology, instead of comforting those affected by such incorrect ideas.

The Correct View

Let’s examine her thoughts one line at a time.

Eve [was] really responsible for all sin in the world, and not Adam

Even a quick reading of the Bible proves that false. It’s true Eve sinned first, but throughout the remainder of the Bible, who bears responsibility for it? Adam.

I was to be silent in church

We’ve covered this before, so we’ll just quote our book “The Troubled Church”

During the service women asked questions by shouting across the room to their husbands. Paul reminds them of proper order; if a lady had a question, don’t interrupt the service, wait until they arrived home. In the context of previous verses, all must be in order and not confusion — it’s not a prohibition of women speaking in church as Paul already spoke of women praying and prophesying in chapter 11. Those seeking to apply this verse to a global ban haven’t done their homework.
The Troubled Church, page 154

So hopefully Paul’s meaning has become clear, if you want a detailed commentary on all of 1 Corinthians, you can order “The Troubled Church” from amazon or other bookstore.

women could not hold a position of responsibility

Where does the Bible say that? It doesn’t. Paul does speak to Timothy “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence.” We’ve already dealt with the silence part; the first part has been understood for centuries to mean Paul did not allow women to be pastors — that single role being reserved for men.

Those who wish to expand what Paul said into a total prohibition on women serving are just as wrong as those discarding what Paul said because it doesn’t fit their radical ideology of only parts of the Bible applying today.

It was as if God had already decided that because I am female there was nothing [God] cared to hear me say.

That’s her conclusion from her misunderstandings, but note the Bible says no such thing.

I would become a slave to my husband

Once again, the Bible never says that, it’s a result of faulty assumptions.

I couldn’t reconcile being part of a religion that had labeled me as inferior from birth.

I can’t blame her for that conclusion, but since the Bible and Christianity never calls her inferior, she’s basing her rejection on complete misunderstandings, perhaps from faulty teachers; we’ve seen people spend page after page trying to justify something the plain sense of the text contradicts.

Is the obvious meaning of the text incorrect, or pages of “scholarship”? Let the reader decide for themselves, but don’t be swayed simply because someone with a title behind their name writes volumes attempting to justify the unjustifiable (the idea only part of the Bible applies — and they can tell you which parts apply, and which parts you can ignore).

Those Lurking to Take Advantage

Much improper teaching exists (always has, always will), the danger comes as some groups (social justice, red letter “Christians”, liberal, progressive, etc) use tragic situations to further their own radical non-Biblical agenda, instead of simply proclaiming the obvious truth of the Word.

Groups preying on lousy situations such as the one this woman found herself in should be met by everyone as false and evil — those “Christians” are no better (and perhaps worse) than a cultist who twists the Bible to make himself the guru standing between you and God.

When the plain sense of the text makes sense (and is obvious), don’t allow “scholars” or other people pushing their agenda to convince you the clear and obvious meaning of the text isn’t correct.

After all, why would God instruct Paul to write in such a way as to not only obscure and hide the truth, but make the clear and obvious meaning wrong?

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