The church at Corinth certainly had their problems. Not unlike many churches today, Corinth faced a long list of difficulties.

  • Problems with unity.
  • Problems with pride.
  • Problems with divisions.
  • Problems in marriage (and divorce).
  • Problems with legalism.
  • Problems with spiritual gifts.
  • Problems with order.
  • Problems understanding the resurrection.

Unfortunately, the church hasn’t learned from Paul’s teaching 2,000 years ago; many of these issues continue causing difficulties in churches today. It’s Chuck Missler who asked, “Why do Christians organize their firing squads in circles?”. Why indeed.

Yet many Christians haven’t considered how their actions cause problems and present a poor image of Christ. How many non-Christians have beliefs similar to the following:

  • Well, @SainterSan I am going to hell, with all of you, and Satan is going to be so happy to see us that it’s gonna be party 24/7! (
  • We’re all going to hell… Save me a seat by the water cooler? We belong in the VIP room 24/7 eternal party, FUN! (
  • I bought it all—for a while, and then I found out that everyone in the church hated each other… that lie exposed all the others (

You see, people outside the church are watching. How many souls will spend eternity in Hell due to the actions of Christians? That thought alone should change your outlook—and your actions. Yet some would object, and claim we’re turning Christianity into a “seeker-friendly” version, devoid of truth and accountability.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Christians must never compromise truth, but don’t major in the minors either. As those outside the church see a mess internally—represented by Corinth—what do they think? Has the church truly represented Christ in truth?

Take a fresh look at Paul’s correction of the church at Corinth, and consider if your church still has many of these issues. While no church can ever be perfect, if divisiveness, hostility, immorality, and arrogance are openly on display, do you wonder why some would rather go to Hell than be saved?

It’s time for the church to clean house, presenting truth to the world while avoiding hyprocisy. A tall task to be sure, but one which needs to be done. Fortunately Paul provides instructions, if the church would just stop worrying about potlucks and philosophy, and actually teach the Word, Paul’s instruction might change the church.

But if we are the Body,
Why aren’t His arms reaching,
Why aren’t His hands healing,
Why aren’t His words teaching?
And if we are the Body,
Why aren’t His feet going,
Why is His love not showing them there is a way?
(Casting Crowns “If We are The Body”)

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