Avoiding Logical Error - There is No God

Atheists frequently don’t recognize contradictions while attempting to defend the logical inconsistencies created by atheism. Atheists claim there is no God; after the statement is made (usually as an unproven “fact”), and the logical contradictions of that statement are pointed out to them, instead of admitting they made an error they go to great lengths to disavow the problem.

Here’s a case in point during an exchange with an atheist who claimed there is no God, and when he was made aware of the the logical absurdity of the statement “there is no God”, he responded thusly:

@darrinyeager Pay attention, please: most atheists do not assert that gods do not exist. You’re attacking a strawman, coming off as ignorant

He accused us of using a strawman (an argument deliberately misrepresenting his position). But is that true? First, consider the definition of atheism:

  • athe-ist (n.) A person who believes that there is no God.
  • ag-nos-tic (n.) A person who believes that the human mind cannot know whether there is a God or an ultimate cause, or anything beyond material phenomena.

First, an atheist by definition believes God does not exist.

Next, let’s go to the replay booth and see what this same person said about the existence of God:

The good news is, there’s still #nogod.

@misscleva But there is no god, silly!

Upon further review we’re discussing exactly his claim — “there is no god”. Either he didn’t understand his own words (or didn’t mean what he wrote), doesn’t understand the definition of atheism, doesn’t understand logic, uses dialectic instead of didactic thought, or he’s simply confused about what a strawman is (or a combination of any or all of them).

Atheism remains trapped by it’s logical absurdities. It persists because atheists have a deep seated need to deny the existence (for many, even the possibility) of God. Unfortunately, this desire to deny God forces them into bizarre contradictions no amount of verbal twister can free them from (even contradicting themselves), and they remain oblivious to the logical contradictions in their position.

That’s not very free-thinking, is it?

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