Opening Arguments

Jesus. We can never know for sure if He even existed. The defense will draw on the Bible — a quaint collection of stories to be sure — but hardly divinely inspired. We will show that this book has errors and inconsistencies, and can hardly be relied upon in such a critical case. Even if parts are true, stories like the resurrection of people are certainly exaggerated. The writers themselves were simple men, and hardly the type to trust the writing of factual accounts to. As it has been copied over the thousands of years, how can we know if what we posses is even what the original misguided writers wrote? We can never know for sure, since we can’t go back in time to verify.


We will show, contrary to the words of my colleague, that the Bible has no errors. The prosecution will show supposed “errors” in the Bible, but we will show these errors are non-existent and are frequently the result of cultural misunderstandings due to being thousands of years removed from the events. We will also show the men who wrote the accounts of the life of Jesus were trustworthy men who wanted to document the life of Jesus in a truthful and accurate way. Since the accounts are an accurate representation of the events, Jesus’ claims to be God are true, and the proof of His claims is the resurrection on the third day after His death, just as He said. He is the only way to heaven.

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