Closing Arguments

Jesus is just a bunch of religious mumbo-jumbo for people who don’t have today’s modern thought. As modern people, we don’t need the crutches of the past. And we can explain many things by science without the need for religious intervention. The world goes on as it always has. The cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be. (Carl Sagan)


You must reach a verdict in this case. Was Jesus really the Son of God? Did He die for your sins? Is He the only way to salvation? What are the other options in light of His claim to be God? If Jesus is not God, you are left with two other options.

Liar - Jesus was intentionally trying to trick you. Far from being God, He was some sort of evil who wanted to lead you down the path to destruction.

Lunatic - He sincerely believed He was God, but obviously suffered from mental problems we could diagnose and treat today. Since He couldn’t save Himself, He is in no position to save anyone else.

Or Jesus is God and Lord - He was who He said He was.

But in light of His claims, He can’t be a good teacher without being God. Would a good teacher (like Buddha or someone else) lie and try to deceive you? That option is not available to you. You must choose between Lord, liar or lunatic. There is no other possible verdict in this case.

Lord, Liar or Lunatic? It’s your choice, the verdict is for you to decide.

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