A Question of Atheist Morality and Holidays

Why do atheists protest Christmas displays?

Previously we discussed Dawkins’ view of shifting atheist zeitgeist morality — the idea culture shapes morals, and who can say anything is right or wrong? Dawkins even goes so far as to claim nobody can state Hitler was wrong — after all, morality comes from shifting society, not an absolute standard. Dawkins’ idea of morality is absurd, of course, but more absurd when atheists don’t even believe or follow what they say — consider the following Rasmussen poll:

Americans remain overwhelmingly in favor of allowing religious symbols to be displayed on public land and feel even more strongly that public schools should celebrate at least some religious holidays.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 76% of adults believe religious symbols like Christmas Nativity scenes, Hanukkah menorahs and Muslim crescents should be allowed on public land. Just 13% disagree, and another 10% are undecided.

Eighty-three percent (83%) believe public schools should celebrate religious holidays. This figure includes 47% who think the schools should celebrate all religious holidays and another 36% who believe they should only celebrate some. The question did not single out which holidays should be celebrated and which should be excluded.

Only 14% think the public schools should not celebrate any religious holidays.

In the atheist realm preached by Dawkins and others, society says a Nativity should be allowed, yet atheists violently protest. Why the contradiction? Allowing Nativity scenes and Christmas carols in schools matches perfectly with the view of morality coming from a shifting cultural zeitgeist. Who can say it’s wrong? Certainly not the atheist lacking an absolute moral standard — why do they try to force their religious views on others who clearly reject them?

What’s the problem? If you’re a religious person these expressions don’t present a problem, and for the atheist holding Dawkins view of morality it’s acceptable as well as it fits the zeitgeist model. For an atheist to protest against such overwhelming cultural norms means they don’t follow their own teaching. Shocking!

It’s ironic atheists claim to hold the intellectual high ground — it’s those crazy religious people checking their brains at the door — yet these superior people happily abandon their own (bizarre) principles when it suits them. We’re sure atheists will stop their silly protests over Christmas and holidays to be consistent with the atheistic moral view.

Then again, maybe not.

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